Every good thing that happens at Grace is born out of the pure joy of being known and saved by Jesus. The love that He pours into us overflows outward to one another and into our community.  

Our hope is that everyone who steps through our doors, whether in Fulton or in West Friendship, will: 

ENCOUNTER GRACE in relationships, where you are known and loved. 

RESPOND TO GRACE through baptism and discipling relationships. 

GROW IN GRACE as your relationship with God grows. 

EXTEND GRACE whether you serve, give, or go. 


The following email was sent out to our church body on Sept. 1, 2020

Grace Family – this is a long email but we wanted to provide you with important updates regarding our Abounding Campaign.

We wanted to first say Thank You for your generosity and partnership in the mission to spread the Gospel to every neighborhood across our region. We launched the Abounding campaign last year (November 2019) with the goal of seeing more people transformed by the love of Christ. A major part of that plan was to build a second campus in Northern Howard County.

While we have the same goal and purpose, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to rethink our strategy, including our initial plans for what a second campus would look like. To put it simply, we walked away from the purchase of 19 acres in West Friendship.

The decision came about in the following manner: Though we were under contract (in 2019), the landowner desired to subdivide the land. He required many extensions from month to month to meet the county and state government’s requirements, which we were glad to do. Once we got into April 2020, we began to wonder if God was changing our course. Given the economic hardships, the closures of buildings for any public gatherings, and a general public sense of worry, we (the elder team) began to discuss and pray about the wisdom of granting another extension. (The owner was still not compliant with the contingencies in the contract.) We came together to fast and pray specifically about the land for two weeks, and we had complete consensus that God was leading us to change the original plan.

Upon agreement from the landowner, we mutually terminated the contract, and we received back the full deposit. Our relationship with the landowner remains amicable.

In our Family Meeting on July 29, 2020, we talked about these changes and what the Abounding Campaign will look like going forward. You can watch the update on the Abounding Campaign, and below are the key updates.


  • We will not build on the land in West Friendship. This was not an easy decision, but with the economic hardships (job losses, incomes reduced) due to COVID-19, we did not feel this was the best stewardship of funds.
  • We are still committed to going north, but have started to look for a smaller place that is already built. This will not only be more economical, but will allow us to be more flexible, especially as we believe God may be calling us to launch more campuses throughout our region. 


  • We are committed to going North. We see a need and are committed to participating in a Gospel-centered movement of transformation across our region. So many people are far from God and have no idea that Jesus Christ is our needed and wonderful Savior. This is a time for our church to be sent out into the harvest. 
  • We will keep our word regarding the use of the Abounding funds. With God’s help and by His leading, we will launch a campus location, as well as pay down our debt. As originally promised, we will also use a small portion of the Abounding funds to make some improvements to the Fulton campus.


  • We have a real estate agent looking at retail locations for the North campus that we could potentially renovate. At this point, we have not found a location yet, but we will continue to keep you updated as the search progresses. 
  • Currently, we have $4.5 million allocated to our campus expansion / debt reduction efforts (we have $2.5 million in savings and have another $2 million from the Abounding campaign). In the interest of full transparency, we have also included a breakdown of expenses. Click here to see the break down.
  • As the Lord reveals to us the details of exactly how we will multiply, we will send out a breakdown of budget and forecasted expenses. 

While our mission and goal around the Abounding campaign remains the same, we recognize that there have been changes which may impact your ongoing commitment to Abounding. If you would like to change your commitment and/or receive a refund of any donations you have made to Abounding, please email

We would also be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our campus expansion plans; for further conversation on that, please email

Let’s continue to pray for the lost with gratitude for what God has already done and what he will continue to do (Phil 4:6-7). This pandemic has been a reminder that while everything might change, Jesus remains the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb 13:8). He is the Lord of the harvest (Matt 9:37-38), and our confidence is in Him! Please continue to join us in prayer for discernment and courage for the days ahead. And while we wait for the place to be revealed, let’s lock arms together in the mission of God to reach the people right around us now, with a view to the even greater harvest to come.

Together for God’s glory,
Mitchel, Chris, Jimmy, Guy, Trent, Moses, and Paul
(Grace Community Church Elder Team)


Grace Community Church

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